ESPN Fires Jamele Hill For Speaking Out Against Racial Injustice

Jamele Hill and ESPN have decided to part ways. The talented sports commentator decided to use her platform to discuss social issues and the powers that be wasn’t having it.

A buyout of her 2.5 million has been completed and her last day will be Friday, according to sources.

Nearly one year ago, Hill called trump “a white supremacist, who largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists” 

Although her comments broke ESPN’s social media rules on commenting on politics unrelated to sports she wasn’t suspended. Even though, the White House recommended that she be fired.

A little over a month later, ESPN’s president John Skipper decided to suspend Hill after she criticized cowboys owner jerry jones anthem stance by tweeting: “Change happens when advertisers are impacted. If you feel strongly about JJ’s statement, boycott his advertisers” She was suspended for two weeks for saying that.

After the last incident, Hill continued to tweet about issues she felt strongly about. Which all but ended her career at ESPN.

This just goes to show that freedom of speech is nothing more than an illusion. Jamele Hill did nothing but tell the truth and most of her comments were on her personal Twitter page. For Melanated Americans, it feels as if accepting a job at a big corporation means turning your back on your community to a degree. And for what? Money? A comfortable position?

Until we are able to publicly speak about the uncomfortable truths that this country tries to hide, things will never change. The election of Donald Trump as president, as well as the Colin Kaepernick protesting situation, have both been great examples of how much race still plays a large part of the fabric of America.










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