What’s The Scenario: Controlling Your Child’s Cell Phone Usage

Anthony thought it was time. His son Jason just turned 11 years old and the only thing he wanted for his birthday was a cell phone. So far, he has been an outstanding student maintaining a 3.5-grade point average and never gave Anthony any issues at home.

Now that Jason was getting older and participating in extracurricular activities buying him a cell phone seemed like a logical choice. After close to a year later, Anthony isn’t so sure he made the right decision. Even though he has established the parental guidelines on the phone it still seems to be a distraction more than anything else.

When it’s time to do homework or chores at home Jason rushes through everything and always ends up right back on that phone. There have definitely been times when the phone has come in handy, but those times are far and few between. Usually, he is playing some silly game or asking can he buy some shoes he seen advertised in the video’s he watches.

Either way, it seems as if the only thing he is learning from having that phone is how to be a consumer. Anthony is tempted to just take the phone and possibly give it back when he’s a little older. However, Jason’s mother seems to think there’s no problem and he is just overreacting.

What should Anthony do about this situation?

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