Adam Clayton Powell Jr.- The Life & Times of a Political Hero

Adam Clayton Powell Jr was born in New Haven, Connecticut, on November 29, 1908. However, he grew up in New York, New York because his father Adam Clayton Powell Sr became the preacher for the historic Abyssinian Baptist Church in midtown Manhattan the same year he was born. 

During the 1920s, the church and the Powell family moved to uptown Harlem. Adam Clayton Powell Jr was educated in the New York City School System. He earned a bachelor‘s degree from Colgate University and then a master‘s degree in religion from Columbia University in 1932. During the great depression, he developed a reputation as a fearless community activist. He successfully organized and led peaceful boycotts to force white businesses to hire black employees for management and professional positions. He was also an advocate for fair and affordable housing. 

In 1937, Powell succeeded his father as pastor of Abyssinian Baptist Church. As pastor of Abyssinian, he also continued his activism. Powell organized and led a successful protest to increase the number of blacks employed at the 1939 New York World’s fair. Two years later, he focused on discrimination in the New York City transportation systeminitiating a boycott that forced city officials to hire hundreds of blacks to drive routes in Harlem for the first time. 

In 1941, Powell was elected on the democratic ticket as New York City’s first black city council member. He only served on the council for 3 years. In 1944, he adopted a successful civil rights platform centered on fair employment to win the seat in the house of representatives, representing Harlem’s 22nd congressional district. When Powell took office in 1945, he became the first black congressman from New York State. 

While in officehe did his best to help the melanated people in his district. He authored bills that criminalized lynching, dismantled public school desegregation and helped to abolish the southern practice of charging a poll tax for black voters. His growing power made him a target of his political foes. However, he would make matters worse by being involved in several scandals throughout the years. The mismanagement of house funds, lawsuits, or his habit of constantly traveling and often being away from the house. 

His behavior just added to the already racially slanted perspective his peers had of him. His political career ended in 1970 when he lost in the Democratic primary to Charles Rangel. He then resigned from his position as pastor of Abyssinian Baptist Church and retired at his vacation home in Bimini, which is located in the Bahamas. Adam Clayton Powell Jr was a fearless melanated leader who put his life on the line for the betterment of his people.







Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. (1908-1972)

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