Sundown Towns: A Hidden Dimension of American Racism By: James W. Loewen

Author James W. Loewen does a great job exposing the secret communities and hotbeds of racial injustice that sprung up throughout the twentieth century unnoticed, forcing us to reexamine race relations in the United States.

He brings to life decades of hidden racial exclusion in America. In a provocative, sweeping analysis of American residential patterns, Loewen uncovers the thousands of “sundown towns”- almost exclusively white towns where it was an unspoken rule that blacks couldn’t live there- that popped up throughout the twentieth century, most of them located outside of the south.

These towns used everything from legal formalities to violence to create all Caucasian communities and their existence has gone unexamined until now. For the first time, Loewen takes a long, hard look at the history, sociology, and continued existence of these towns.

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