9-Year-Old Black Child Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault Say’s “I Don’t Forgive That Woman” (Video)

Last week, a 53-year-old white woman named Teresa Klein claimed 9-year-old Brooklyn resident Jeremiah Harvey sexually assaulted her while inside a Brooklyn Bodega. 

The video footage from the store clearly shows that she wasn’t groped at all. In fact, while her back was turned, the child’s backpack grazed her, not his hand. Klein apologized for the incident after the video surfaced, but the damage had been done. On Monday, Brooklyn borough president, Eric Adams held a community meeting to address the matter. 

The 9-year-old victim spoke at the event. When asked by a reporter does he forgive his accuser he said: “I don’t forgive this woman, and she needs help.” All too often, when we are faced with these types of situations in our community the first thing we do is forgive the other party involved. 

That mentality has not worked out in our favor as we continue to see these racialized incidents taking place all around the country. This young man’s courage should be an example to all of us on how to take a stand and demand justice, your forgiveness isn’t necessary.






‘I Don’t Forgive That Woman’ Says 9-Year-Old Brooklyn Boy Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

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