High School In Tennessee Refuses To Discipline Student Caught Repeatedly Using “N” Word In Video

A student at Germantown High School was seen on social media repeatedly using the “N” word. After the school failed to issue a significant punishment a student wrote a letter to the local news station stating ” The video has been brought to the attention of the administration of Germantown High School by many students who were offended by the comments made by their classmate in this shared live stream” The student goes on to say that the school failed to punish the student accordingly.

The video in question shows the student repeating the word “Nigger” multiple times causing it to go viral. The video appears to be recorded elsewhere and not on school grounds. However, students of Germantown High School recognized the girl going on the racist tirade and said it’s their classmate. 

Shelby County schools released a statement on Friday addressing the incident “All of our schools have high expectations for character and conduct for all students, and acts of bullying, harassment or discrimination directed at a student or campus will never be tolerated……In addition, all reports are handled on a case by case basis and taken very seriously……However, SCS is not permitted under federal law to provide the outcome of an investigation or any determination concerning discipline to a student”


What do you think the student’s punishment should be? 










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