What’s The Scenario: The Importance Of Finding Yourself Before You Find A Partner

There are several ingredients required to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. Most of the time these ingredients are shaped and molded by our past relationships, our worldview, as well as the type of interactions we’ve witnessed our parents have in the home. 

Because of this, what one couple needs to remain happy may be completely different from another couple. Whether it’s communication, trust, compassion, or compromise we all have a list of things we feel are necessary in our quest for happiness. However, when you look exclusively at the history of melanated people in this country you can’t disregard the fact that systematic inequalities have played a significant role in every facet of our lives…including our relationships. 

What becomes extremely important for everyone in our community is not only taking the time to figure out who we are on an individual level but also gaining a contextual understanding of how the system has affected the way we relate to one another. So, before jumping into a new relationship, get to know yourself. 

This can be done in a multitude of ways. Reading, traveling, attending events, going back to school, as well as dealing with any unresolved family issues can provide you the necessary perspective needed to become the most authentic version of yourself. So, when we talk about the ingredients needed to be happy in a relationship self-love and awareness should be at the top of your list.    

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