The Freedom of Slavery By: Jihad Fontanilla El

It’s no secret that the melanated population of this country is in big trouble. Mass incarceration, inadequate public schools, gentrification, and police brutality are just a few of the issues we face. Regrettably, these issues can’t be addressed properly until we unlearn a lot of the falsehoods we’ve been taught by this system. 

So many of us have been indoctrinated by misinformation for so long that we don’t know a lie from the truth. Because of this, it is all our individual responsibilities to take the necessary time to discover the truth. And not just for ourselves, but for the sake of our children as well.

Learning the truth can be achieved in many ways. Talking to the elderswatching documentaries, listening to trusted media outlets, and my favorite option…. reading. There are so many noteworthy books out there that can provide a current perspective and understanding of how the conditions of black society were created. 

One book I recommend getting you started is The Freedom of Slavery by Jihad Fontanilla. In his book, the author does a masterful job deconstructing what we have traditionally known to be true. From the truth about money to the historical meaning behind some of our most beloved holidays. The Freedom of Slavery is definitely a must read for everyone in our community! 

Written in an effective yet simplistic manner that allows the heavy subject matter to be digested easily is one of the keys to the book‘s success in my opinion. This book is made for anyone who’s not afraid to think for themselves and challenge traditional beliefs.

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