Racially Motivated Shootings Downplayed By The Media, Societal Double Standards Questioned

Last week, three white men committed acts of white supremacist terrorism, with two of them committing race-based murders against innocent victims. Two of the individuals murdered 13 people between them. However, the incidents involving black victims have received little to no coverage. This behavior by the media is giving credence to the notion that black lives do not matter in this country.

A white Louisville resident, Gregory Bush, 51, is accused of gunning down Vickie Lee Jones, 67, and Maurice E. Stallard, 69, both of whom were Black, in a Kroger grocery store in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, on October 24th. Before going to the grocery store, the gunman attempted to enter a black church but couldn’t do so becuase of church security. 

Ceaser Sayoc sent pipe bombs via the mail to Democratic leaders, a media organization and opponents of trump, and reportedly had a list of over 100 potential targets. Robert Bowers, a man who had hatred for Jews and immigrants, faces 29 charges for shooting 11 people to death in the tree of life Synagogue in Pittsburg on October 27th, which is described as the largest mass shooting of Jewish Americans in History.

While federal prosecutors are investigating the Kroger killings as a possible hate crime, they have been slow to do so, with locals claiming there was no motive. Of course, the media has attempted to focus on the typical ailments of a white person that kills a black victim. Schizophrenia, Mental illness, as well as using his lone wolf status have all been mentioned but they failed to point out his racial and political ideology, which would have showed his disdain for black society.   

It’s unfortunate, but these type of racialized killings will continue to happen until our government treats white supremacist groups the same way they treat black organizations whom they feel are a threat.



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