Black Man Canvassing For GOP Congressman Claims He Was Racially Profiled (Video)

West Des Moines, Iowa– A black man named Keilon Hill, who is a native of Baton Rouge, La was in Iowa canvassing door-to-door for Republican politician David Young when he was stopped by the West Des Moines Police Department.

Hill claims he was detained and harassed without cause. (Check out video below) He was ultimately booked in Polk County Jail and released. He went back to work the next day in nearby city urbandale when the police were called on him again.

Grassroots organization Iowa Citizens for Community Improvements detailed the incident in a press release on Monday, revealing the officer also accused hill of “soliciting” a claim the man refuted because he was not offering any goods or services. The organization also states it was clear hill was out canvassing because he was carrying pamphlets with him.

When Hill, 24, tried to walk away from the situation he was arrested by Des Moines Police Officer, Clint Ray for what he called “Interference with Official Acts”

The press release also stated, “Mr. Hill declined to speak with Officer Ray further because he knew Iowa law does not require a person to identify themselves unless there is a reasonable suspicion that criminal activity is afoot, and Mr. Hill was not up to anything illegal”

In a statement, Hill said he hoped sharing his story will help prevent another minority from encountering a similar situation.

West Des Moines PD has declined to release police body cam footage from officer Ray’s encounter with the young volunteer, citing an on going investigation into the incident.








Black Man Canvassing for GOP Congressman Stopped, Arrested by Police After Call of a ‘Suspicious Person’ 


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