Police Officer Kills Black Security Guard Detaining Suspect After Bar Shooting

26-year-old Jemel Roberson was shot early Sunday morning after a police officer confused him for a suspect involved in a shooting.

Around 4 am, the Midlothian Police Department was called becuase of an apparent shooting at Manny’s Blue Room, a bar in Robbins, Illinois, a predominantly black community just south of Chicago.

Roberson, a security guard at the bar, was in the process of subduing one of the suspects from the shooting when an officer from the Midlothian Police Department opened fire killing him.

A witness from the shooting stated, “Everybody was screaming out, Security, He was a security guard and they still did their job, saw a black man with a gun, and basically killed him.” 

A spokesman for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office said Roberson had a valid FOID card, but did not have a concealed carry license.

In a statement, police confirmed two officers from the department responded to the scene of the shooting and one of them opened fire.

“A Midlothian officer encountered a subject with a gun a was involved in an officer-involved shooting. The subject the officer shot was later pronounced deceased at an area hospital” Cheif Daniel Delaney of the Midlothian Police Department said in a statement.

Friends said Roberson was an upstanding man who had plans of becoming a police officer. He was also a musician, playing keyboard and drums at several Chicago area churches.

Local pastors spoke out on the injustice stating: “He was getting ready to train and do all that stuff, so the very people he wanted to be family with, took his life” said the Rev Patrica Hill from Purposed Church

“Once again, it’s the continued narrative that we see of shoot first, ask questions later,” the Rev. LeAundre Hill said

The Cook County Sheriffs Office is handling the criminal investigation of the original shootings, while the State Police Integrity Task Force is investigating the police-involved shooting. 


















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