What’s The Scenario: Preventing Baby Mama Drama

Parenting, regardless of when you decide to have your children can feel like an emotional roller coaster that never ends. Even though I don’t believe anyone can be fully prepared to have a child, there are several things that can be done on your end to make that roller coaster ride as smooth as possible. 

Fostering a solid, meaningful relationship with your partner, creating financial stability, as well as taking the time to learn how the world we live in operates, will increase the possibility of your child becoming a well-rounded individual. Now, when we look at the economically deprived neighborhoods around the country, the number one thing on everybody’s mind is survival. 

An underfunded public-school system, mass incarceration, the militarized policing of our neighborhoods, represent just a few things that have played a critical role in how we relate with one another. As a man, considering all these factors before you father children will not only help prevent you from experiencing any “Baby Mama Drama” but also help create a new generation of melanated men and women better equipped to overcome the pitfalls created for our community by the government.

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