Weekend Activity Tip #35: Creating A Masculine Environment For Your Son

No child should be raised in a household without a father. Regardless of how efficient a woman may be at her motherly duties, there are several things that a child can only learn from a man. When I think back on my childhood, I can count on one hand the number of friends I had that lived in the same home as their father.

Even though I had older brothers in the home with me who tried their best to help out, nothing can replace the guidance and wisdom of a father who is completely engaged with his children. In our community, there are far too many instances where the woman is left to be the mother and father causing a severe imbalance in the lives of the children.

So for a single mother, placing your children in environments that have a lot of positive masculine energy can go a long way. Most of the time that includes a particular sport that the child chooses. Try switching up a little this weekend, find a local community event that focuses on teaching practical life skills, manhood, financial literacy, or other skills you think your child is lacking. Therefore, take the necessary time to find environments your son can flourish in. You never know, one of these experiences may change his life for the better. 

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