White Students Threaten to Kill Black Classmate; School District Chooses Suspension Over Expulsion (Video)

FRANKLIN PARISH, La- Cyrstal Alexander Claims her daughter, who is black, was threatened to be killed by two white classmates. The concerned mother believes the incident isn’t being taken seriously enough by the school.

According to the mother, her 12-year-old daughter was a victim of bullying after the two students wrote a note stating they planned to get a gun a shot her.

“They were saying that she was the biggest B*** in the world, and they were p*** off at her. Then the other girl said, well I’ll help you kill her” said Alexander.

The main issue for Alexander is that the school officials didn’t follow the student handbook leaving her daughter to walk the same halls as the girls who threatened her life.

Friday, Lanny Johnson who is the superintendent for the Franklin Parish School District gave a statement.

“We’ve followed the policy to a “t” and we feel we’ve done everything we can do. The students received nine days of suspension and we’ve had no previous issues with these girls” Johnson said.

For Alexander, that’s not enough. She indicated the student handbook clearly states that it has a zero tolerance for anyone who threatens to kill. The procedure states to notify the parent, give the student nine days suspension with the recommendation for expulsion and to refer the situation to law enforcement.

Which Alexander revealed the school did not do.

“If they catch her in the bathroom or if they catch her in the gym they can do something to her… And my biggest fear is losing my daughter” pleaded Alexander.

So tried calling the police herself but says she hit a dead end. Watch the video below.













Louisiana School Officials Chose Suspension Over Expulsion for White Students Who Threatened to Kill Black Classmate



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