Weekend Activity Tip #36: Teaching Children The Power of Spending Money In Our Community

Black mother and daughter shopping online with credit card

Black Friday has become a staple in American culture. There’s nothing more American than waiting in line all night to get 50%-75% off that new smart TV or that video game system your son‘s been bothering you about all week. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using your hard-earned money to take advantage of a deal or promotion you wouldn’t otherwise receive. However, if youre a member of the melanated community, it’s important that you understand how much spending power we have. How many brands have we made famous? How many corporations rely heavily on the black consumer for their bottom line? Whether you recognize it or not, who we spend our money with has a direct effect on our circumstances here in this country. 

Let‘s be honest, how often do black Americans search for a black business to spend their money with before they shop with any other groups? Now granted, it isn’t just about shopping with a business because the owner is black, the services and/or products that are provided need to be equal or better than their competition. If we are to compete against other groupswe must take pride in the products and services that we offer and not expect to get business from black customers solely because we‘re black as well….it doesn’t work that way. 

Collectively, we have the power to control the trends that pop culture gravitates too. If we decided to place value on black-owned businesses and productsthe world would too. As parentsthis process starts at home. If your children witness you frequently supporting black businesses, they will be more inclined to do the same. If this is something you don’t do currently use this holiday season as a starting point for you and your family. You will be surprised how many quality black-owned businesses are in your area. You never know, it may inspire someone in your family to launch their own business.

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