-Street Players- By: Donald Goines

When it comes to gaining knowledge and understanding of the peopleplaces, and things that interest us reading a book can be one of the most effective tools to accomplish that. For someone who may not be an avid reader or someone who doesn’t want to embark on their literary journey with books about history or complex topics, a great place to start is with author Donald Goines. 

His straight to the point novels addressed the harsh realities of inner-city life while painting a vivid picture of its participates. Drug abuse, Prostitution, Criminal Activity, and Police corruption were just a few of the topics he addressed in his 16 novels. The first book from his series I recommend reading is Street Players which is about a hustler named “Earl the Black Pearl”.

He takes you into the psyche of a street hustler who, after finally making it to the top of the game, realizes that’s when the problems really start. Goines storytelling ability makes it easy to follow even though he uses the urban vernacular of that time period. So, be sure to include this book to your collection. After reading this one I’m certain you will be interested in his other novels as well. 


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