What’s The Scenario: When Do You Know It’s Time To Call It Quits

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Maintaining a healthy long-term relationship isn’t an easy thing to do. There needs to be time spent building a stable foundation based on friendship, understanding, and trust. When we don’t invest the necessary time to achieve these things, we end up paying for it in the end. 

There’s nothing worse than coming to the realization that you’ve been attempting to build with someone who ultimately isn’t right for you. Granted, even an unsuccessful relationship can teach you valuable lessons, but time is one of our most precious commodities and shouldn’t be wasted. Understanding when it’s time to call it quits can represent a vital step in your development as a person. 

So, then the question becomes “How do you know when it’s time to call it quits”? The first step to answering this question requires an elevated level of self-reflection and accountability which will prevent you from placing unnecessary blame on your partner. Next, prepare an honest list of your partners pros & cons as you perceive it. If their positive attributes out ways the negative, you may want to reconsider leaving the relationship. 

Keeping in mind that all relationships have problems, it’s just a matter of whether you want to deal with the person the problem is coming from. However, if the negative out ways the positive, moving on is definitely the most appropriate option. Remaining in a relationship for any other reason than truly being in love with someone can produce negative long-term effects on everybody involved. 

At the end of the day, only you know if the situation you’re in is ideal for you. With everything melanated people must deal with in this country, making sound relationship decisions will not only produce a positive effect on you but the entire community as well.


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