Weekend Activity Tip #37: Reading With Your Partner

It’s essential to remember when attempting to maintain a long-term relationship that stimulating your partner mentally is just as critical as the stimulation you provide physically. Relationships aren’t easy, there will be times when you struggle to stay on the same page with one another. Your future together will be determined by the effort you put in to make things right. After obtaining a clear picture of what the issues may be, there are several ways to handle it. 

For some of us, an honest conversation is all that’s needed to address our wrongs. In some instances, time apart from one another can provide the clarity you need to move forward. Other’s might prefer to speak to a counselor or another unbiased third party that can provide insight into your situation. Our recommendation for this week’s weekend activity is to attempt something a little bit different. 

Find a specific book from an author you trust, make sure it addresses the issues you’re going through as a couple. Buy two copies of the book and read each chapter together on the weekends. After completing each chapter of the book, you guys should sit down and discuss what you have learned and your perspective on the information. This is an excellent way to not only improve your relationship but also learn something in the process.

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