What’s The Scenario: Preparing Yourself For Fatherhood

Can you ever be completely prepared to be a father? My answer would be… No, but there are definitely steps you can take to alleviate some of the pressures and uncertainties that come with being a parent. It’s my belief that having a child before attaining a certain level of maturity is an irresponsible decision to make, regardless of your race or nationality. 

However, when you look at the melanated communityin particularwe have a unique relationship with this country. Racism, Jim Crow, and discrimination are just a few of the issues that have played an enormous part in how we interact with one another. Not to mention, the communities we come from lack the necessary resources needed to sustain healthy lifestyles. 

So, when it comes to a young melanated man preparing himself to be a father he must initially acknowledge and understand the systemic issues that have plagued his community and then determine how bad he has been personally affected by these issues. In my opinion, this must be done first, then you can address your level of maturity, financial stability, mental stability, as well as your compatibility with your partner. 

Becoming a parent is the most meaningful, yet demanding job that any of us will ever take on. Why not equip yourself with the tools necessary to be prepared for the job.

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