What’s The Scenario?: Staying In a Relationship For The Sake of Your Child

Growing up, I can recall hearing stories about couples who no longer slept in the same bed together and for the most part, lived separate lives. The main question that would enter my mind was…Why would someone be in a relationship when they’re obviously not happy? I received the same answer every time…. the children.

After becoming a father, myself, I’ve been able to experience both sides of the coin. I have children who do not live in the same home with me, as well as a child that does. When I think back on all the up’s and downs, I’ve had as a parent I can’t say that I have many regrets. I believe that removing some of the obstacles and hurdles I’ve had to overcome would have affected my growth as a person.

Therefore, in hindsight, it all was necessary to get me where I’m at today. However, the one thing I would have done differently is ensured all my children lived under the same roof. More than half of my issues came from that fact alone. So, the concept of “Staying in a relationship for the sake of your child” makes sense to me now.

Granted, if the relationship you’re in is toxic or there wasn’t a high level of compatibility in the first place, sticking it out may not be such a sensible idea. Ultimately, everyone in the home will be adversely affected by that decision.

As a community, we must think about these things before we procreate. The process of truly getting to know yourself and the person you’re involved with will alleviate a lot of the problems we realize after we have already started a family with someone. The bottom line is this, if the children in our community have two parents in the home that create a healthy, productive and safe environment for them, there’s no limit to what they can accomplish.

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