White Man Who Falsely Accused Three Black Men of Abducting a Child Faces Time in Jail

Mitchell Dutz, 18, of Mason City, Iowa is facing charges today after fabricating a story about a black man abducting his 13-month-old son. He is currently in jail facing charges including disorderly conduct, burglary, obstructing justice and making a false 911 call after accusing 24-year-old James Jackson and two other Black males of stealing his car with his son in the back seat.

Police in Farmington, Ill, received a call from Dutz at 5 pm on Saturday, Dec 15th, alleging that three black males stole his gold Taurus with a 13-month child in the backseat while he was at a gas station. However, the police realized the 18-year-old lied about the whole incident once they interviewed him.

Dutz used a photo he found on social media of someone else’s child. Police chief Chris Darsham told reporters that authorities believed the teen becuase of how consistent his story remained and the swiftness of producing a photo of the child. He even had the photo saved on the wallpaper on his phone.

Once cops apprehended the teen he came clean to the officers about him fabricating the whole story, according to Fulton County, Illinois, authorities. They say the 18-year-old was robbed during a drug deal and used the infant story as leverage to pursue charges against the alleged people involved.

James Jackosn, the 24-year-old black man whose image and name were plastered all over billboards during the child abduction search, was later cleared of any wrongdoing after police announced the hoax.

Dutz was booked on a $50,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on Dec, 26th in Fulton county.










White Man Gets Busted By Illinois Police for Filing False Report and Fake Amber Alert Against Man


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