What’s The Scenario?: My Son Doesn’t Listen To Me….Should I Spank Him?

As a parent, convincing your child to execute exactly what you want can be a task. In my opinion, what you will and will not tolerate needs to be established as soon as possible, preferably between 12-18 months old. The longer you allow them to operate without creating boundaries, the harder it will be. The question then becomes, which disciplinary methods are you going to use to get your point across?

Growing up in a predominantly black community, physical discipline always seemed to be the preferred method used. As a child, I just figured that was how parents handled disobedience. After becoming a parent myself and obtaining more knowledge about the history of D.O.S’s(descendants of slaves) in this country, it became apparent to me that it was considerably deeper than that. By now, most of us are aware of the direct correlation between the beatings we took as slaves, and the physical nature in which we choose to discipline our children today.

However, just like most of the traditions that carried over from slavery, the negative effects out way the positive. Now, don’t get me wrong, depending on the personality of your child, physical discipline may be needed at times, but the instances should remain few and far between. All too often, I’ve seen parent’s resort to spanking instead of applying more patience and utilizing effective listening and communication skills. At the end of the day, putting your hands on your children should be your last resort. Creating problem-solving techniques that encourage thought and accountability will be more beneficial to your child’s development as a person. 

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