What’s The Scenario?: Teaching Your Kids About Institutionalized Racism

Father And Son Sitting On Sofa In Lounge Reading Book Together

Did your parents talk to you about racism? Did you have discussions in your home about the system we live in as it relates to black society? Did your parents talk to you about REAL black history?

If not, then you’re a lot like me. I had to learn these things as a grew older and became interested in what was going on around me. Early on, that lack of information played a sizable role in my level of confusion as a young person. Black Americans or more specifically the D.O.S’s (descendants of slaves) in this country have had a unique set of circumstances to deal with that our government has never openly addressed.

Now granted, as a people there are definitely some in-house issues that need to be corrected but ultimately institutionalized racism and systemic oppression have played the most critical role in our demise. As melanated parents, we must take the time to become knowledgeable about these issues so we can properly prepare our children for the world we live in. Racism is ingrained into the fabric of our society and has been normalized to a degree.

So, talk to your kids about the Jim Crow Era, read them information about Mansa Musa. Give them a fundamental understanding of the Moors, and their contribution to society. Also, make sure to purchase them books on these topics so they can explore the information for themselves. In our society, it is commonplace to have the “Birds & Bees” talk with our kids but we need to make it a point to incorporate information about the world we live in and how past and present events have shaped our society.

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