What’s The Scenario?: Dealing With The Consequences Of Not Creating Structure In The Home

Do you recall your parents giving you a particular bedtime as a child? Did they establish rules and regulations that had to be followed while living in their home? If the answer is yes, then your parents were attempting to develop a level of structure and discipline needed to operate effectively as an adult.

Currently, when we look at communities that are economically deprived or lack stable two-parent households the need for a parent to instill these things become even more critical. When a community doesn’t have the resources necessary to sustain itself, the individuals in that environment began to involve themselves crime, drug abuse, gang violence, etc. It’s safe to say that kids are substantially influenced by several things. Their peer group, T.V, social media, entertainment, etc.

As parents, this is what makes our job so important. it’s imperative that we take the time to create a home environment that’s based on structure, respect, communication, and hard work. We must understand that our children are looking at our actions more than our words. So, if you’re not personally exhibiting the behavior expected from your child, don’t be surprised if they find it difficult to follow your lead.

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