Black-Owned Seasoning Company Expanding To Walmart & Kroger Stores

Consumers are now able to bring home the authentic flavors of African-American soul food as family-owned Heritage Fare, Ltd. launches its line of savory sauces and seasonings in Kroger stores across the nation.

Founded in the early 1990s, Heritage Fare has prided itself on staying true to the Southern-style tradition of cooking among Black Americans, and now four items from the brand’s line of seasonings and sauces are hitting shelves in more than 1,100 stores across the Midwest and Southeast, according to a press release.

Whether it’s their tangy greens seasoning, or the spicy Buffalo wings sauce, Heritage Fare offers a blend of herbs, spices and other seasonings that are sure to cut down on cooking time without compromising flavor, the company proclaims.

The company’s garlic wings sauce and sweet potato pie seasoning will also be sold in stores. The products retail for about $3 for sauces and seasonings.

“We take you back home,” the company’s tagline brags.

After noticing the lack of quality foods offering good taste and ethnic appeal, brand founder Wendell E. Turner jumped at the opportunity to fill that gap. He then enlisted the help of his daughter and assembled a team of cooks, chefs, and packers to create what would become a family-owned brand offering everything from wing sauces to fish fry coatings.

According to the company’s website, Heritage Fare has since expanded its distribution into Walmart in Ohio, Jewel-Ocso stores in the Chicago area, and Kroger stores in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina.


























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