Is She The Right One? 3 Ways To Know If You Found The Right Women.

Let’s face it, relationships are difficult to manage. There’s no way to avoid the ups and downs that come with attempting to build a solid foundation with your partner. So, the question becomes. How do you know if it’s worth it? How do I know if this is the right woman for me?

At the end of the day, there’s really no way to know unless you’ve done the internal work necessary to project the right energy into the universe. So, we’ve put together a quick list of 3 important factors that should be considered when determining if you’ve met the right person to build a future with.



1. Know Thy Self

Ask yourself a question…How do you know you’ve found the right person when your still not sure who you are? This should be one of the main questions we ask ourselves before embarking on a mission to find Mrs. Right.

Understand that until you’re comfortable with who you are it will be difficult to attract someone that’s not just good to you, but good for you. Ultimately, if you’re not happy with yourself attempting to make your would-be soul mate happy will be impossible. So, do the work and get to know yourself!! Explore your character flaws in an honest manner so you can evolve into the best version of yourself.


2. Friendship

In order for you to maintain a long-term relationship with a woman, it’s imperative that you establish a genuine friendship with her first. Now, a part of creating a solid friendship with a woman first requires you to know yourself (see #1). Without truly knowing who you are, it will be difficult to forge a bond with someone else.

So, take the necessary time to get to know the women you are interested in. Learn her likes and dislikes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about her family history so you can have an understanding of where she comes from. Don’t rush into anything. Allow an organic relationship to form based on common interest and shared experiences.



3. Mental Stimulation

At times, the physical attributes of a woman we find attractive can cloud our vision and make us forget about what’s really important. And what’s more important than sexual compatibility? Mental Stimulation. If you are attempting to create a long-term relationship with a woman there has to be a high level of compatibility in place for it to last.

That’s why connecting on a mental level is so important. Once you connect mentally your relationship has a chance to evolve into something special. This is what makes the first two tips so important. Knowing who you are and establishing a solid friendship with your partner opens the door for mental stimulation.

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