Now You Manhandling My Daughter!’: California Cop Body-Slams Woman During Traffic Stop as Mother Watches in Horror

A family has accused police in the Bay Area city of Rio Vista, California, of excessive force and abuse of power after their loved one was body-slammed at the hands of an officer during a traffic stop gone wrong.

According to CBS13, a physical confrontation between police, a daughter and her mother ended with the arrests of several family members on the evening of May 5.

Deshunna Payne arrived at the scene after she got a call that her daughter had been pulled over for driving with expired tags. The group was stopped a few blocks from their home, so Payne showed up with her other daughter Cherish to see what had happened.

The mother said she was met with rudeness, however.

“A lot of questions [the officer] didn’t like and he didn’t want to answer and he was very aggressive,” said Payne, who questioned authorities about why all four occupants of the car were being detained.

The situation only escalated from there as family members tried filming the tense encounter, ignoring the officers’ demands to stop. 

Footage from the incident shows one of the officers struggling to subdue Cherish as he tries pinning her arms behind her back.

“Oh, now you manhandling my daughter and you shouldn’t be touching her,” Payne says in the video.

Seconds later, the officer lifts the young lady off her feet before slamming her to the ground, prompting Payne to rush to her defense. The frustrated mother screamed for the officer to “get off my f—–g daughter” as she was still being restrained by another cop.

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