Ex-Compton Gang Members Raised Thousands to Help Rebuild Their Community, Only to Have Proposal Rejected by City Council

A recent proposal by a Compton, California, resident was denied, and the man who was behind it says it has to do with tensions between a councilwoman and the city’s Mayor Aja Brown.

Chico Brown lives in Compton, and he raised $500,000 for a project to rebuild the city’s infrastructure. The former gang member wanted to rally rival gangs to restore parts of the city, which suffers from numerous potholes, for instance.

“I got guys from East Side Crips, Pirus and Hispanics working together to rebuild this city. I went to the Mayor [and said], ‘Do you think this is possible?’ She said, ‘Yeah, write up a proposal,’” Chico tells “Good Day L.A.” Wednesday, May 22.

The rival gang members were all for it, but when Chico Brown brought the issue before the City Council, Councilwomen Janna ZuritaTana McCoy, and Councilman Isaac Galvan voted it down.

“I thought it was BS. I don’t see how they could turn it down,” said Laron James, a Crip from Compton.

“How could you do that to the people of Compton?” Chico wondered.

But while filming the meeting for a possible documentary, he captured a conversation with Zurita that occurred after the vote.

“That’s what you get for f–king with Aja. That is what it is,” she told Chico. “This is her whole project!”

Chico insisted the mayor has “nothing to do with this,” but Zurita remained firm.

“Sometimes, it ain’t what you do, it’s who you associate with,” she said. “You know that better than me Chico! You know that better than me! I wouldn’t support that mother f—– to eat s—!” 

Apparently, Zurita, McCoy, and Galvan are all against Mayor Brown. The morning news show requested interviews with each of the council members and they all declined. However, “Good Day L.A.” did manage to catch up with Zurita, and she dismissed the notion that she ever voted down measures because of her issues with the mayor.


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