Alarming Statistics Reveal Black Men Make Up 96 Percent of Sagging Arrests in Shreveport, Louisiana

Over the last 12 years, 726 people have been arrested in Shreveport, Louisiana, for sagging their pants. And a new report reveals Black men account for 96 percent of those arrests.

The findings were obtained by the Shreveport Times on May 22 from the Shreveport Police Department.

After a law was passed in 2007 that prohibited people from wearing their pants below their waistline and exposing their skin or underwear, 699 Black men were arrested for violating the ordinance. By comparison, 12 white men were detained for doing the same.

The percentage of arrests creeps higher when taking into account Black men and women who sag. When adding the 13 Black women arrested, 98% of sagging arrests were of Black people. On the other hand 13 white people — one woman and 12 men — accounted for the remaining 2% of sagging arrests over the last dozen years.

“Since 2007, 726 individuals have been issued a summons or have been taken into custody for violating City Ordinance 50-167,” Public Information Officer Christina Curtis said in an emailed statement to the newspaper.

Ordinance 50-167 states those who break the law can be issued a citation and summoned to court. However, that does not warrant an arrest in and of itself nor does it justify “a full search of the person cited.” A first offense of the ordinance will lead to a $100 fine and up to an eight-hour day of picking up trash or other court-approved community services. By the third offense, fines tick up to $250 and up to four eight-hour days of trash picking.











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