‘We’re Going to Overcome This’: Morris Brown College Raising $100K to Recover from Fire, Water Damage

As Morris Brown College continues to fight to regain its accreditation, a recent incident has caused another set back for the historically Black college resulting in $100,000 in damages.

A fire erupted in an office of one of the buildings late last week and the sprinklers running overnight led to severe water damage, WSB-TV reported.

The flames broke out in the office of the president on the 2nd floor of one of the main buildings at the HBCU Friday, May 31.

“About 6 a.m. Saturday morning I got a call from my security team and they said there was a fire here at the campus,” the school’s interim president, Dr. Kevin James, told the news station. He said the fire, which only damaged his chair, desk, and a few other items, was contained once the sprinklers came on. However, since they were on through Saturday, flooding damaged the building.


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