Damon Dash Is Out To Rid People of Their ‘Slave Mentality’ With New BET Show: ‘It’s a Different Time’

Entrepreneur and Roc-A-Fella Co-founder Dame Dash is on a mission to rid black people of what he calls the “Slave Mentality” when it comes to ownership.

Dash will be one of the mentors on the new BET show “The Next Big Thing” The show will follow artists who want to make a big splash in the music business. He spoke about the show during an interview with TheGrio and said it was important to him that his message gets passed on.

“As of yet this industry has been built to exploit us for our benefits or for us to get our benefits taken for us not to be able to reap the fruits of them,” he stated. “

“It’s a different time. We’re aware because of the internet and that direct-to-consumer relationship and all the information that people have and the different kinds of platforms, there’s really no excusing letting anybody rob you these days,” the Harlem native added

“The Next Big Thing” debuted Tuesday, July 9 on BET.















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