There Has Been 292 Mass Shooting’s In 2019 Alone, When Will America Be Bold To Identify The Real “Terrorist” (Video)

As of Aug 4, According to the Gun Violence Archive even though there has only been 2016 days in 2019 there have been 292 mass shootings. They define a mass shooting as any shooting where 4 or more people get shot.

With the unfortunate shootings that took place last week, the question then becomes…..will America be bold enough to identify the real terrorist in this country? Blaming these incidents on the need for more stringent gun laws are just a smokescreen presented to the public.

There is a direct correlation between the rise of white nationalist and white supremacist, with the mass shootings that we have faced. Many manifesto’s and other information about the gunmen have revealed their anti-black and racist ideology. Check out our video about the recent shootings.































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