White South Carolina Teen Charged After Racist Video’s & Text Revealed He Wanted To “Shoot Up The School” (Video)

A white South Carolina teen is facing charges after authorities uncovered a series of racist videos and text messages threatening and expressing hatred for African Americans.

The 16-year-old who is now a former student at Cardinal Newman High School in Richland country threatened to shoot up the school last year and filmed himself shooting an automatic rifle and a shotgun to demonstrate his hatred for blacks. Local authorities charged him with making student threats and he was expelled July 15th.

Richland country Sheriff Leon Lott says he took the threats seriously after learning that the racist texts and videos were circulating amongst students. 

In one of the clips, the unnamed student describes himself as a “hater of all Black men” and uses the N-word multiple times. He then pretends an object on the floor is an African-American and shoots it repeatedly with his guns.

According to The State, the threatening texts and videos came at a time of increased national concern about school safety. So far this year, there have been 22 shootings at American schools in which someone was hurt or killed, according to a recent report by CNN. An April shooting at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte left two people dead and four others injured when a gunman opened fire on the last day of classes.























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