The Elaine Race Riots- The Story Of The Deadliest Massacre In Arkansas History (Video)

On the night of September 30th, 1919, about 100 Melanated sharecroppers from Elaine, Arkansas who worked on the property of white landowners gathered for a meeting to discuss ways to obtain more money for their cotton crops. In fear of the white overseers finding out what they were doing, armed guards blocked the doors.

During the meeting, three white men pulled up and asked the guards “Going coon hunting boys”? Gunfire erupted shortly thereafter and even though no one was sure who fired the first shot, one white man was left dead and one injured. The fact that the melanated members of the community outnumbered whites ten to one resulted in a feared “Insurrection.” The concerned whites formed a mob of somewhere around 1.000 people and stormed the homes of the black residents believed to have something to do with the situation and even those that didn’t.

After the massacre was over with 200 melanated people were dead and five whites. This incident is considered the worse race influenced massacre in Arkansas history. Check out the documentary about it below!!























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