Colorado Springs Police Officers Shoot & Kill Black Teen Accused of Robbery; Experts Say Victim Didn’t Have a Weapon (Video)

A surveillance video is circulating on the internet of the moment a black teenager robbery suspect was gunned down by two white officers in Colorado Springs last week.

De’Von Bailey, 19, was fleeing the scene of a robbery just after 6:45 pm Saturday when he was shot by the two officers that were pursuing him. After falling to the ground he was still handcuffed by officers, this is according to the Gazette.   

A third officer arrived to give him CPR, despite the efforts to save his life, he died at the hospital. 

The video which was taken from a nearby apartment complex shows the officers chasing him with there guns drawn before shots were fired and he hit the ground.

Police were dispatched to reports of a robbery on East Fountain Boulevard when they encountered Bailey and another man — one of whom reportedly reached for a weapon. That’s when at least one officer opened fire.

Witnesses reported hearing multiple shots, at least seven.

Criminal justice experts who viewed the video said Bailey didn’t appear to have a gun, and criticized officers decision to use deadly force against the fleeing teen.

“He appears to be shot in his back as he’s running away, and wearing gym shorts and a T-shirt,” John Burton, an attorney and former president of the National Police Accountability Project, told the newspaper. “And even if he is armed, that’s not enough to justify a shooting generally, unless the weapon is being used or threatened to be used, which I don’t see it (on the video).”

Authorities have come out and said the victim did reach for a weapon and the shooting was justified.

Check out the video below and give your opinion.

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