Leaked Documents Shows FBI Once Considered “Black Identity Extremist” a Bigger Threat Than al-Qaida & White Supremacist Groups (Video)

Leaked documents from the F.B.I obtained by the Young Turks show that under Donald Trump, the top counter-terrorism priorities are black identity extremist and animal rights/environmental activist.

The list that was obtained showed the F.B.I’s focus in the areas of counter-terrorism, cybercrime, and counterintelligence for the 2018 fiscal year. In the “Threat Guidance” documents published last year, the agency described “black identity extremist” or (BIE’s) as those “who use force or violence in violation of criminal law in response to perceived racism and injustices in America society. Many have considered the B.I.E label bullshit since there are no established black militant groups in this country willing to fight the government.

The bureau has since begun using the term “Black Racially Motivated Extremist” which they claim is a black person who wants to “establish a separate  Black homeland or autonomous black institutions, communities or governing organization within the USA”

The document also characterized BIEs as those “likely to target civilians and government entities that are perceived as oppressors ” — including, but not limited to, law enforcement officers, the U.S. government, members of rival BSE [Black Supremacist Extremists] groups, and individuals based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and religion.”

Under Trump’s administration, “black extremists” are considered a larger, more serious threat than terror groups like al-Qaida and white identity extremists. “Animal rights/ environmental extremists” and “anti-authority extremists” were also listed among the bureau’s top existential threats, TYT reported.














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