Hispanic Man Calls Black Man N-Word For Refusing To Sell Him Alcohol; Then Gets Shot By His Own Gun (Video)

A Florida man is facing several charges after an altercation with a black store clerk left him shot….by his own gun.

Surveillance footage shows 34-year-old Jesus Rodriguez hurling racial slurs at a store clerk who initially refused to allow him to use the bathroom and ultimately refused to sell him alcohol becuase he was visibly intoxicated

That’s when the police said Rodriguez became disruptive and called the black man a nigger.

In the video, the clerk can be heard issuing a profanity lased rant towards the customer who he finally tells to get out of his store. When he doesn’t leave the clerk comes from behind the counter to confront the man. That’s when the police say Mr. Rodriguez pulled out a revolver and pointed at the clerk.

The two men began wrestling for the weapon causing the gun to discharge twice. Both men were taken to a local hospital and treated for there injuries. The clerk was shot in the head and the back while Mr. Rodriguez was struck by his own gun in the arm.

Rodriguez was later arrested on charges of attempted murder, trespassing, displaying a firearm while committing a felony and carrying a concealed firearm. Officers said Rodriguez did not have a concealed carry permit.


Check out the video below!!









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