-Book of The Month- Soul On Ice- By Eldridge Cleaver

Soul on ice is Eldrige Cleaver’s memoir that he wrote while incarcerated in Folsom prison in 1965 but the book wouldn’t be released until 1968.

The book was broken down into 4 essays:

  • “Letters from Prison”, describing Cleaver’s experiences with and thoughts on crime and prisons
  • “Blood of the Beast”, discussing race relations and promoting black liberation ideology
  • “Prelude to Love – Three Letters”, Two love letters written to Cleaver’s attorney, Beverly Axelrod and one written to Cleaver by Axelrod.
  • “White Woman, Black Man”, on gender relations, black masculinity, and sexuality

The central theme of the book is “identifying as a black soul which has been colonized by an oppressive white society that projects its brief, narrow vision as eternal truth”

Cleaver uses the informal essays to navigate through the history and present state of America, covering topics such as the murders of Malcolm X and Emmett Till; the race riots and Vietnam WarU.S. Foreign Policy and the American FlagMuhammad AliMartin Luther King, Jr. and other “black celebrities;” Richard Wright’s Native SonIslam and Christianity; day-to-day prison life; and the relationship between black men and white women.

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