New Body Cam Footage Shows Teen Shot In The Back While Fleeing Colorado Police (Video)

Police Bodycam footage of the moment colorado police shot and killed 19-year-old De’ Von Bailey has been released and the family of the victim has a lot of questions based on how the situation unfolded.

In the video, one of the officers stops bailey and another man as they were walking in the area. He tells them about the robbery and tells them to put their hands up becuase it was reported that one of them had a gun.

At that point, bailey takes off running and that’s when the officers began firing shots and bailey eventually falls. The officers say shots were fired because he had a gun which was supposedly found on his body.

The attorney for the family is calling for an independent investigation because in the video bailey clearly does not present a treat and doesn’t appear to have a weapon either and he doubts the El Paso country sheriffs office will conduct a sufficient review based on their “friendly” relationship with the police department.

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