Daniel Pantaleo Gets Fired For The Murder of Eric Garner; Praised By Commissioner During Speech (Video)

The New York City police officer who put Eric Garner in the deadly chokehold that ended his life has been fired according to the New York City Police commissioner James O’Neil who announced his decision on Monday.

O’Neil called both Garner’s death and the termination of officer Daniel Pantaleo tragedies during his speech that blamed garner and praised Pantaleo.

It is unlikely that Mr. Garner thought he was in such poor health that a brief struggle with the police would cause his death,” O’Neill said. “He should have decided against resisting arrest, but a man with a family lost his life, and that is an irreversible tragedy.

“And a hardworking police officer with a family– a man who took this job to do good, to make a difference in his home community — has now lost his chosen career,” O’Neill added. “And that is a different kind of tragedy.”

The announcement followed the recommendation of NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner of Trials Rosemarie Maldonado, who called Pantaleo’s actions “egregious misconduct.”

She said Sunday in a 46-page written opinion The New York Times obtained that Officer Pantaleo’s chokehold “fell so far short of objective reasonableness that this tribunal found it to be reckless — a gross deviation from the standard of conduct established for a New York City police officer.”

Maldonado also said Pantaleo was “untruthful” in interviews with investigators. All of this comes six years after the incident that actually took Mr. Garner’s life.

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