Illinois Prison Bans Educational Program & Removes 200 Books Due To “Racial Content” Including “The Souls of Black Folk” (Video)

A prison in Illinois is shutting down its educational program and removing 200 books from its library becuase they had racial content.

The Danville correctional center launched two internal investigations into the Education Justice Project at the University of Illinois, according to the Chicago tribune.

The prison also prohibited classic black titles including, “The Souls of Black folk”, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and the memoir of abolitionist Fredrick Douglas. The Chicago tribune accessed records that detailed the dispute the Illinois Department of Corrections had with the Education Justice Project.

The documents ultimately showed that prison officials suspended the program and removed books with “racially motivated cartoons” and “other items of concern,” including a Movement for Black Lives pamphlet on “Black Power, Freedom & Justice,” the Tribune reported Thursday.

Prison officials said in the documents the Tribune obtained that they found readers “that contained numerous racial issues,” including “cartoons that were racially motivated” inside an Education Justice Project resource room.

They also found “several racially motivated books, a book on the Hell’s Angels and books of anime pornography,” according to an email sent by a corrections lieutenant to the warden.


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