Black Teenagers Honored After Saving Family of Five From Burning House (Video)

Nat Williams and Darius Dillard A pair of black teens from Rochester, New York are being honored today after breaking down a door and saving a family of five earlier this month.

The teens admit that they didn’t know the family but jumped into action when they saw smoke coming from the second floor of the home. While their uncle called 911 they ran across the street and kicked the door in to find the family still inside. 

Dillard and Williams attempted to put out the blaze themselves, but the thick smoke which was primarily upstairs forced the pair back downstairs, Rochester First reported. That’s when the first fire crew arrived. In the end, four children and one adult were rescued from the fire. The family is now receiving assistance from the American Red Cross.

The two young men were recently honored by Mayor Lovely Warren and the city fire department during a city council meeting, officially declaring August 14 “Darius Dillard and Nate Williams Day” in Rochester.

Dillard and Williams were humbled by the recognition and said they plan to continue working in the spirit of service.

“I’m just going to keep living up to it, and keep moving forward and I hope that family can get back into their house,” Williams told WROC.

“We’re just regular kids growing up,” he added. “We’re trying to make Rochester a better place to live.”











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