Jay-Z & NFL Partner To Create “Inspire Change” Apparel Line; Proceeds Will Go To Fund Social Justice Programs (Video)

Jay-Z and the NFL are launching a new apparel line. According to reports, the apparel line will be called “Inspire Change” and he will put on a series of concerts called “Songs of the Season”

The first concert will be for the league’s “NFL Kickoff Experience” on Sept. 5 at Grant Park in Chicago. And Meek Mill will perform along with Rapsody, DJ Pharris and singer Meghan Trainor.

A number of concerts will run all season long, and they’ll feature various artists from different musical genres. Some of those artists will also create a song for the NFL that will be used for the league’s promotional campaigns.

Meanwhile, proceeds from the apparel line, which is expected to arrive in October, will fund social change programs throughout the United States.

This comes just two weeks after Jay-Z made his initial announcement that informed the public he would be partnering with the NFL.


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