Upset Neighbor Calls Police On Black Children Operating a Lemonade Stand; Police Decide To Support Instead (Video)

A group of black children are enjoying some success today from a lemonade stand they decided to set up to earn some money. However, their business almost didn’t get off the ground becuase a nearby neighbor called the police on them

Elajah Sgorbissa who is 6 years old, gathered some of her friends to get their business rolling in there Newbury, New York neighborhood on an afternoon when the local community swimming pool was closed, this was explained by the girl’s mother Shanice Sgorbissa.

“I brought out a table that I had been planning to throw away and bought some (drink) mixes from Dollar Tree,” Ms. Sgorbissa told Yahoo Lifestyle of the children’s business, adding that each of them had a specific job. “Two of the boys stood holding a sign, two girls were assigned to pouring lemonade and another girl went up to the cars.”

“It turned out way better than we thought,” she said

Everything was going good until Newbury police pulled alongside the lemonade stand based on the call that was made requesting them to shut the stand down.

Rather than shut the business down, the cops chose to support it instead.

“The officer comes out and says, ‘Would you believe someone called me about kids in the middle of the street selling lemonade? I’m not going to shut you down, I’m actually going to buy a cup!’” Glover, 29,  recalled. “They were interacting with the kids and making them feel happy.”


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