Black 8th Grade Student Gives Free Clothes To His Peers In Need(Video)

Chase Newland-Square is an 8th-grade student at Port Allen Middle School in Louisiana who decided to do something selfless for his classmates. He is working to bring donated clothes to students at his school who are less fortunate. 

He came up with the charitable idea when the schools principal, Jessica Major, assigned them a task as part of its Student Program for Arts, Recreation, and Knowledge as reported to WAFB news station.

“We ask them what they want to do to make the school better,” Major said

“How would I feel in that situation?” the student said he asks himself often.

Two racks of clothes lined a gym closet dubbed PAM’s Pantry in a nod to the school’s name, and they’re ready to be donated, Chase said.

Chase thought of the closet, and soon afterward he was able to help a family in the school community who had been the victims of a fire, WAFB reported.

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