White Protesters Break-Up KKK Picnic Called “Ku Klux Kookout” (Video)

White protesters broke up a Ku Klux Klan picnic called “Ku Klux Kookout” in front of Indiana law enforcement officers.

No one was arrested or injured during the incident that took place on Saturday in Madison, Indiana near the Ohio river banks. A Shouting match between KKK members and protesters only lasted a few minutes before they decided to take off. Indiana state police and the madison police department both were there observing the incident.

One protester Mike Gamms told Fox 8 “The ‘honorable sacred knights’ of the KKK showed up here at the park and were chased out within minutes because hate has no place here in Madison, Indiana,”

Gamms, who described himself to Fox as an anti-fascist, dressed up as Spider-Man at the event.

“If they do this event again, I bet Spider-Man and his amazing friends will be here again,” he said.













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