50-Cent Gives Backpacks & School Supplies To Kids In New Jersey | In The News (Video)

Rapper 50 Cent stopped by Coopers Poynt family School to give away backpacks and school supplies to the students. The giveaway was reported by ABC 6 Action News on Saturday and fifty partnered with the clothing company CubanFit to do it. He also took pictures with the kids and played basketball with them.

However, the 44-year-old rapper and entrepreneur has a history of giving back. In 2003, he started G-Unity foundation and once gave a $70,000 grant to the kids in his queens, New Your neighborhood could attend the summer stars camp for the performing arts in Cape Cod, Massessecutes.

In 2018, he gave 3 million to non-prifits that focus on academic enrichment in low-income areas. In March he announced a partnership with the outerwear company Goose Country on a clothing line that will send 5% of the sales to his G-Unity foundation which was set up to help those in low-income communities.


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