Nail Shop Owner Apologizes To Black Women After Activist Shuts Down His Shop | In The News (Video)

A Chicago nail salon owner is changing his story today after initially saying he did nothing wrong when he was confronted with the allegations of treating black women disrespectfully in his shop. He recently did a video apologizing to black women

In a video that has surfaced, he can be heard saying “Let me stay in the business” he also said “Let me continue to serve you and I will try my best”

The shop owner initially told reporters he was only trying to make sure he got paid but that all changed when his shop was shut down by a black Activist.

“I’m sorry,” he said in the video “Please help me.”

The shop, Colour Nails near 83rd Street and Stewart Avenue on Chicago’s South Side, went viral when Tyrone Muhammad, a Black community activist, was shown on video throwing bricks through the shop’s window to advocate for Black customers.

Muhammed felt the need to intervene after several incidents involving black women being disrespected had occurred.

Muhammad was later shown in the same video being handcuffed by police. He was charged with misdemeanor damage.

It has also been reported that his community in Chicago came up with the money to bail him out.















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