Felicity Huffman Gets 14 Days In Jail For College Scandal While Black Mother Gets 5 Years For Using Friends Address To Enroll Kids In School | In The News

On Friday, Actress Felicity Huffman was sentenced to 14 days in jail for her role in the college admission scandal which included paying $15,000 to admission consultant William “Rick” Singer and his non-profit organization. Key Worldwide Foundation (“KWF”), who then facilitated cheating on Huffman’s daughter’s SAT test by having a proctor correct the teen’s answers after the fact.

Many people have pointed out the differences in sentencing when the other person involved is black. The main example that’s being used is of black mother Tanya Mcdowell who received 5 years in jail just for using her friends address to enroll her kids in school becuase she was homeless at the time.

Similarly, in 2011, Ohio mom Kelley Williams-Bolar was sentenced to 10 days in county jail and was convicted of lying about her home address to get her daughters into a different school district. Williams-Bolar refused when officials asked her to pay $30,000 in back tuition, and she was convicted of falsifying residency records.

Earlier this year, The Washington Post reported that a new study showed white school districts received $23 billion more in government funding than nonwhite school districts in 2016, regardless of the fact that they had the same number of students.

That’s why many parents, like McDowell and Williams-Bolar, find themselves using the addresses of friends and family to get their children into better school districts.


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