Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Testifies Against Everybody In His Crew | In The News (Video)

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine hit the stand today and testified against gang members from the Nine Trey Bloods.

During his testimony he would give the specifics to several incidents including the Time Square shooting involving Chief Keef. Takashi admitted to arranging the hit, promising 20K to the shooter but lowered it to 10k after realizing he only shot one time and missed his mark.

He also detailed the incident from July 2018 when he was jumped and kidnapped while sitting in a vehicle — attorneys played the dashcam video from the event — and disclosed his former bodyguard, Harv, was a part of the plan to rob him.

As far as the shooting at the Barclays Center is concerned Tekashi says he and his crew arrived to walk boxer Adrien Broner into the ring. While in a tunnel under the arena, they came face-to-face with members of rapper Casanova’s crew. A brawl ensued and Tekashi claims Shotti then instructed a Nine Trey gang member to open fire at the rival crew … he did, but no one was hit.

He also talked about how his relationship with the Nine Trey Bloods started. In march 2018 he booked a show in Austin, Tx but didn’t check in with anyone at Rap-A-Lot Records and because of that, they didn’t let him enter his show and he loss between 10k-15k. 

He says that lost revenue caused tension between his manager, Shotti, and his bodyguard, “Harv.” He says Harv called Shotti a “pussy” because he didn’t stand up to Rap-A-Lot. 6ix9ine said he ended up firing Harv shortly after that.

While J-prince was in New York the following month they decided tyo get revenge so they pulled an armed robbery on Rap-A-Lot Records employee’s in a building.

He would go to detail several other incidents involving shoot outs and altercation he got in with the Nine Trey Bloods. Give names and details to every situation.





























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